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Our Health Mission

We put your healing needs first. We are proud to provide a high quality level of customer service, professionalism, medical experience, and commitment to health and wellness to all our patients. Our goal is to make you feel better as quickly, as safely and as sustainably as possible.


Experience and Professionalism

Chronic pain can be debilitating and all encompassing, affecting every corner of your life.  Appreciating the concept of patient centered application of evidence based medicine, we work to reduce your pain and improve your function, using the latest advancements in medicine and surgery. Headquartered in Santa Rosa, California with satellite offices in Sonoma and Healdsburg, we offer a partnership to empower our patients to take control of their pain and evolve into something more.  


Physicians Who Care

Not only will we treat your existing conditions, we also work to prevent pain and illness from occurring. We strive to help you improve your quality of life, achieve your wellness goals, and heal your body to live your best life possible. We bring extensive experience, empathy, and professionalism to every encounter and customize our treatment strategy  to meet your individual goals and needs.



Spinal Care

We offer minimally invasive interventions on the neck, middle and low back to treat both back and leg pain. Treatments are offered before and after surgery, including injection therapy or implantable devices, like spinal cord stimulation or intrathecal drug delivery

Headaches/Facial Pain

Comprehensive treatment of headache requires accurate diagnosis and the use of both abortive and preventative strategies. Oftentimes, significant improvement can be achieved with simple options

Abdominal/Pelvic Pain

Abdominal and pelvic pain can be debilitating, and with a logical, step wise approach, we often allow people to return to the life they want to live and enjoy

Joint Pain/Arthritis

We work in partnership with your surgeon to offer minimally invasive options that afford relief, either before or after surgery

Nerve Disorders

Nerve disorders include nerve injury for trauma or surgery, post herpetic neuralgia, and diabetic peripheral neuropathy. With cutting edge treatments, meaningful solutions are available now more than ever.

Musculoskeletal Injury

Oftentimes patients are unaware of the treatments that can be used to manage difficult pain conditions. Regnerative therapy strategies may be indicated for you to help heal and avoid further injury

Office Locations

Santa Rosa

416 Aviation Blvd, Suite B

Santa Rosa, CA 95403


181 Andrieux Street, Suite 107

Sonoma, CA 95476

Healdsburg (Coming Soon)

1310 Prentice Dr, Suite D

Healdsburg, CA 95448

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Evolve Restorative Center

416 Aviation Blvd. Suite B, Santa Rosa, CA 95403

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Emergency Service: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  

World Renowned Expertise


With over a decade of experience, and regarded as one of the most influential key opinion leaders in the field of pain medicine and neuromodulation, Dr. Jason Pope in Santa Rosa is triple boarded in Pain Medicine, has published over 80 peer reviewed journals, spoken at numerous national and international conferences, and has consulted with many start-ups and established companies. He is focused on education, while continuing to lead numerous studies to bring innovative treatments to patients around the world and is committed to treating every patient with dignity and empathy.  Evolve Restorative Center in Santa Rosa, Sonoma, and Healdsburg (coming soon) are focused on providing evidence based medicine your way.

Leading Clinical Research


Access to treatment innovations are often preceded by clinical research.  Evolve offers many clinical trials encompassing many treatment strategies, including cellular therapy and regernative medicine, medical device to treat pain, and wellness strategies

Achieving Your Goals


Our staff goes the extra mile to ensure quality and effective pain and restorative care is delivered with compassion.  We are honored to help you care for you on your journey

Cutting Edge Clinical Research


Contact us if you are interested in an evaluation to determine candidacy for participation

BOLD: Burst DR Spinal Cord Stimulation Micro-dosing Stimulation in Patients with Back and Leg Pain.

Patient Population: Refractory Back and Leg Pain 

Device: Burst DR

Sponsor: Abbott

Enrollment: Closed

A Prospective, Non-Randomized, Open-Label, Multicenter Study Designed to Evaluate the Long-Term Safety of the Prometra II Programmable Pump System: Post Approval Study

Patient Population: Chronic Refractory Pain

Device: Prometra II Pump for Intrathecal Drug Delivery 

Sponsor: Flowonix

Enrollment: Active

TARGET: A Post-Approval Study to Evaluate Targeted SCS (DRG) Stimulation for the management of Moderate to Severe Chronic, Intractable, Pain of the Lower Limbs due to CRPS types I and II

Patient Population: Lower Extremity Pain

Device: Abbott DRG Neurostimulator System

Sponsor: Abbott Medical

Enrollment: Active

A Prospective, Multicenter, Randomized Double-Blind Study Examining the Safety and Efficacy of the Spinal Cord Stimulator (SCS) System with Feedback to treat patients with chronic pain of the trunk and/or limbs. 

Patient Population: Back and Leg Pain

Device: Evoke™ Spinal Cord Stimulator (SCS)

Sponsor: Saluda Medical

Enrollment: Closed

DELIVERY: A prospective randomized trial examining anatomic versus paraesthesia mapped placement of spinal cord stimulation (SCS) leads 

Patient Population: Back and Leg Pain

Device: Burst DR

Sponsor: Abbott

Enrollment: Closed

Cutting Edge Clinical Research


PROSPER: Post-Market,Randomized,Controlled,Prospective Study Evaluating Intrathecal Morphine (IT) versus Conventional Medical Management (CMM) in the Non-cancer, Refractory, Chronic Pain Population

Patient Population: Refractory Back and Leg Pain 

Device: Intrathecal Pump

Sponsor: Flowonix

Enrollment: Pending

PROLONG: Prospective, Multi-center, Open-label, Post-market Study

Patient Population: Refractory Back and Leg Pain with Failing Device

Device: Spinal Cord Stimulation

Sponsor: Abbott

Enrollment: Pending

PRESS: Postmarket Registry for Evaluation of the Superion Spacer

Patient Population: Spinal Stenosis

Device: Interspinous Spacer

Sponsor: Vertiflex

Enrollment: Active

REALITY: Long-Term Real-World Outcomes Study on Patients Implanted With a Neurostimulator

Patient Population: Refractory Trunk and/or Limb Chronic Pain

Device: Spinal Cord Stimulation

Sponsor: Abbott

Enrollment: Pending